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What are the characteristics of Ananda Marga meditation? Numerous scientific studies have been made on the benefits of meditation and its application in the fields of psychology, medicine, sport and metaphysics. Ananda Marga meditation practices come from the ancient tradition of yoga and tantra, and have the ultimate aim of merging the individual mind with the Supreme (the individual consciousness with the cosmic one). Essentially a practice for spiritual elevation, it is practiced through a precise technique of concentration and introspection which gradually allows the individual to perceive the internal path.

Many diverse benefits come through regular practice of meditation, such as a longer attention span and capacity to concentrate, greater mental calm and discernment, and a sense of wellbeing which extends from one's personal life to a capacity for synergy with others in the world around us.

Meditation is essentially a spiritual practice, which requires constancy and regularity, as well as a certain approach to life, which works to maintain harmony between oneself and others

Ananda Marga meditation techniques are individually taught for free by a yogic monk or nun.


"Oh tranquil spiritual aspirant! Spiritual practice (sadhana) is your great bow. Set the arrow of your mind, sharpened with meditation, on this bow. Now, inclining your mind toward Him, pluck and twang the string of the bow and pierce your target - that indestructible Supreme Soul.

Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

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