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Asanas - Yoga Postures

In Ananda Marga the practice of yoga asanas or postures is considered a fundamental discipline for the maintenance of one's physico-psychic equilibrium.

Thousands of postures were developed by the yogiis of the distant past: often based upon positions assumed by various animals such as the cobra, the locust, the frog, etc. Practiced correctly, these postures can have a therapeutic and preventive effect: giving suppleness to the body and skin, massaging the internal organs, generating physical energy yet also relaxing the body. However, the effects of asanas on the mind are their strong point. Besides regulating the functioning of the glands to achieve a better emotional balance and clearly improving concentration and memory, they develop the capacity to keep the body erect and still, an essential aid in the practice of meditation.

As well as the postures, we recommend other yogic practices, such as control of body temperature through the proper use of water, a yogic vegetarian diet, psycho-physical dances, and fasting.

Asanas should not be practiced without a guide, as their use should be properly taught. Ananda Marga holds regular yoga courses in various Italian cities; however, one's personal asanas can be prescribed and taught for free by our yogic monks and nuns.

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